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Cellucare fat-dissolving injections are developed and produced by the French pharmaceutical company Revitacare. The core ingredients of Cellucare fat-dissolving injections are caffeine and trace elements: caffeine accelerates fat metabolism; trace elements can increase water discharge and repair sagging skin. French coffee fat-dissolving injections effectively target the fat that is difficult to reduce through exercise alone. It can achieve a slimming effect in a short period of time and help you reshape the contours of your face and body.

Does fat burning mean killing fat cells

This is absolutely a wrong idea. Many fat-reducing methods emphasize that they can reduce the number of fat cells and achieve the effect of preventing rebound, but this is actually unreasonable.

Because each fat cell can absorb triglycerides that are a thousand times larger than itself, even if you reduce the amount of fat by half, as long as you do not use and excrete the triglycerides, the remaining fat cells will absorb them and double in size, resulting in no improvement in your size.

Moreover, the body has fat stem cells, which are the seeds of fat cells. When fat cells are killed, it will accelerate the transformation of stem cells into fat cells to replace them. Therefore, it is impossible to achieve fat loss without rebound.

Cellucare fat-reducing injection principle and efficacy

The caffeine in Cellucare accelerates the metabolism of fat cells, allowing triglycerides to be used faster. In addition, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients replenish moisture under the skin, allowing triglycerides to be discharged more smoothly, thereby reducing the size of fat cells, achieving a local shaping effect, and making fat elimination safer and healthier.

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