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Cellre Jet

It was necessary to take the pain of skin damage and bleeding caused by conventional laser equipment or needles, but Cellre jet delivers deep into the skin with non-invasive technology and guarantees continuous effects with products for all skin types.
The combination of 75 ~ 90% purified oxygen and low unit size particles maximizes skin absorption without damaging the skin.

Cellre Jet: D.D.S. Technology

(Drug Delivery System)

Drug delivery system through high oxygen air pressure.
A wide range of skin care system that can be sprayed into the skin with low particle size according to the function of each ampoule.
The average thickness of epidermis is about 0.4 mm. Generally, the product only stays on epidermis for moisturizing effect. It is difficult to penetrate and absorb the cells. It is even more difficult to really improve the skin texture.
Cellre Jet's DDS technology does not damage the skin barrier and is non-invasive and painless. High-speed injection produces a high pressure of 3 Bar and the special ampule is then delivered evenly into the skin.

Skin type suitable for Cellre Jet

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