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Lanluis Serum Bust Lift Up Massage Treatment

Lanluis Serum Bust Lift Up Massage Treatment is ideal for female who would love to firm, enlarge and gland their breast. During the Bust Lift Up massage treatment, There are three Bust Firm & Lift Massage treatment:


1) Mammary Gland Treatment 
Dredge breast duct, ruled out by nursing or once suffering from mastitis residues in breast milk residue or blood stasis poison: the mild breast disease, anti-inflammatory, sedative and softening hyperplasia of mammary gland nodules and stasis block, improve blood and lymph circulation, improve the symptoms of breast tenderness, like washed with purified water drain line while filling, in the breast after detoxification in time for dry flat cells added a lot of fresh nutrition, let breast health, prevention and elimination of breast disease.
2) Breast Uplift Treatment 
Because breast compensatory and enough nutrition and collagen, relax your breasts firm and plump, improve, sagging, outside enlarge bosom, increases the circulation of the breast to accelerate breast metabolism, effectively eliminate stagnant poison, prevention of mammary gland disease, long term care for breast and consolidate effect.
3) Breast Enlarge Treatment
Let dry flat breast tissue due to supply enough nutrition and full, filling up fast: start the breast, to stimulate breast development again, comprehensively stimulate breast cells, mammary gland cells and fat cell growth and restructuring, make its compact arrangement, nutrition breast cells, make a breast cells, fat cells healthy development, full and elastic, quickly restructuring breast cells and fat, make its close region arrangement, the breast is full, fruity, healthy and full of charming and opulence.
After the Bust Massage Treatment, we will apply the Breast Smooth Light Mask, to make the skin delicate, rich elasticity, increase fat connective and organized, stimulating new cell regeneration, at the same time also can improve the pigment and nervous breast tissue.

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