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Body Contouring & Cellulite Treatment

VelaShape uses a combination of technologies to contour your body, reducing the trouble spots that diet and exercise can’t reach. The ideal VelaShape patient is someone with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of less than 30, who falls under The Nurnberger-Muller Cellulite Classification Stage 1 and 2. Ask your doctor to see if you're a candidate for VelaShape treatments.

Treat Yourself To A Smoother, Sexier Figure!

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VelaShape III is a non-invasive body contouring treatment for circumferential and cellulite reduction. It’s proven to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite and thigh circumference — areas that women everywhere identify as problem zones — with a deep therapeutic treatment that delivers consistent, reproducible results, with minimal downtime or discomfort.

​Vela Shape 3 Principles

VelaShape III can achieve end point temperature in less time, with up to 150 watts of radiofrequency (RF) power. That reduces the time needed for treatment.  The VelaShape technology combines infrared light, RF energy and vacuum, which cause deep heating of the fat cells. The heat may stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastin which results in localized reduction in skin laxity, body volume and improvement in skin texture.


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Q:  Who is the right CANDIDATE for VELA SHAPE III?
Anyone who looking for cellulite reduction and body contouring is suitable for VELA Shape III treatment.

Q: Which areas can be treated?

Cellulite treatment areas could be on the neck (i.e. under the chin), arms, thighs, buttocks, flank and abdomen. 

Q: How FAST will i see the results?*

You’ll see improvement in few as 1-2 treatments, including a reduction in size of the target area. Regular treatments may be needed to achieve the desired effect, and individual results may vary.

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